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  • Friday’s sessions

    Friday’s sessions

    The final day of CK VI was suddenly upon us.  This day we had two keynotes and a short play leading on to a fairly long group exercise. There even was a prize for the best poster made this time! The organizers obviously had learned from the previous days’ sessions: assessment matters!  congratulations to the […]

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  • Conference dinner

    Conference dinner

    The Thursday night conference dinner was held in beautiful surroundings on top of mount Fløyen.  We had great food, great company and great music as well 🙂 At 23:00 the last funicular went back to the city, and being adventurous, quite a few of the delegates chose to hike all the way down in their […]

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  • Parallel sessions Thursday afternoon

    Parallel sessions Thursday afternoon

    After enjoying a short break, we went on with another round of parallel sessions this afternoon.  Even if the party at mount Fløyen was calling in the not-to-distant future, the delegates attended the sessions with vigour, and the reflections afterwards really produced quite a few remarkable posters. We’ll keep on posting  (some of) the pictures […]

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  • Pictures from Thursday’s workshops

    Pictures from Thursday’s workshops

    The workshops for many were the highlight of the day.  Lots and lots of really productive people.  Hopefully we will get a few comments in here when everyone have settled down a bit… Posters were made in most of the workshops. Here’s a few pictures:

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  • Afternoon’s sessions

    Afternoon’s sessions

    Thursday afternoon’s sessions were both workshops and parallel sessions.  Reports from the workshops indicated much fun and a lot of learning. Reflections after the day showed one thing: delegates are very happy with the day.  We got best practices, hands-on solutions to everyday problems and tips on strategy to utilize for getting IL-awareness out of […]

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  • Pictures from the morning sessions

    Pictures from the morning sessions

    Here is a few pictures from the sessions this morning.  Both Posters/Round tables, Parallel sessions and Keynote. Here is a few pictures from the sessions this morning.  Both Posters/Round tables, Parallel sessions and Keynote.

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  • Parallel Sessions

    Parallel Sessions

    After a small introduction in the common room Thursday morning, we all went into separate locations for the parallel sessions.  I did get a few reports that the smaller sessions really went well with the audience.  More intimate, easier to get your question answered, and a bit fast-paced as well. These sessions had a lot […]

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  • Out in the air

    Out in the air

    Kirstine the piper summons the delegates to the main conference room.  Too bad we didn’t get the sound recorded in here… As Bill Johnston put it: now I only wish for haggis and Whisky

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  • Cods


    The Cods are all about inspiration and Sharing…

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  • The Polar Bears

    The Polar Bears

    Poster made by the Polar Bears

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