Parallel Sessions

After a small introduction in the common room Thursday morning, we all went into separate locations for the parallel sessions.  I did get a few reports that the smaller sessions really went well with the audience.  More intimate, easier to get your question answered, and a bit fast-paced as well. These sessions had a lot of questions, and could maybe have needed a few minutes more each?  Better remember this for the CK VII, then; when people are really interested in a session (as the will be when they can choose), there tend to be a need for more time for questions.

Erda Lapp presented her paper on the LOTSE-project almost immediately after the parallel sessions were concluded.  No easy task for Erda to keep us all focused the last hour before lunch.  Erda managed just fine, and the audience seemed to really be interested in the practical choises made by the LOTSE slavic portal.

Hopefully there will be a small report from the workshops later today.