Parallel sessions Thursday afternoon

After enjoying a short break, we went on with another round of parallel sessions this afternoon.  Even if the party at mount Fløyen was calling in the not-to-distant future, the delegates attended the sessions with vigour, and the reflections afterwards really produced quite a few remarkable posters.

We’ll keep on posting  (some of) the pictures for your enjoyment:

Ingrid Cutler on Publishing Literacy

Here is Sirje Virkus taking us through development of information-related competencies in ODL-institutions

Luciana Goulart Oliveira on intellectual property

Karin Sü̈ld and Eli Bytoft-Nyaas on sustainable collaboration. Seem to collaborate just fine...

Torunn Skofsrud Boger and Anne-Lise Eng are talking about studen's views on plagiarism

Peter Kåhre on Artificial Intelligence and IL

Here is Anna Kakkonen on Teacher-Librarian collaboration