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  • Pictures from Thursday’s workshops

    Pictures from Thursday’s workshops

    The workshops for many were the highlight of the day.  Lots and lots of really productive people.  Hopefully we will get a few comments in here when everyone have settled down a bit… Posters were made in most of the workshops. Here’s a few pictures:

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  • Afternoon’s sessions

    Afternoon’s sessions

    Thursday afternoon’s sessions were both workshops and parallel sessions.  Reports from the workshops indicated much fun and a lot of learning. Reflections after the day showed one thing: delegates are very happy with the day.  We got best practices, hands-on solutions to everyday problems and tips on strategy to utilize for getting IL-awareness out of […]

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  • Cods


    The Cods are all about inspiration and Sharing…

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  • The Polar Bears

    The Polar Bears

    Poster made by the Polar Bears

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  • Cormorants


    Posters made by the Cormorants  (I had to look this up; it’s a bird typical for at least northern Norway…)

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  • Seagulls


    The Larus canises also had high expectations before the conference.

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  • Hares


    Posters made by the Hare-group.

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  • The grouses

    The grouses

    The Grouses also had quite a few expectations…

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  • Reindeers


    Networking, Inspiration and Learning seems to be key issues for the Reindeer-group

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  • Fox


    The Fox-group also made a colorfull poster:

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